Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When Moms Get Sick

I hate to admit to it but I bring home colds from work and it almost always leads to mom and the kids getting sick. Not very often but sometimes this requires me to take the day off from work and try and "MAN" the house although I have no chance of doing it quite as well as Alicia does.

I'm normally up and out of the house by 7:10am so on weekends or days I get to stay home I'm normally looking to get a few extra minutes in bed. Ever once in a while it ends up being 8:30am but like normal is was 7:20am or so. So knowing mom wasn't going to be up and around today we started the day off with a good dose of Dora. If you don't have kids you might not know there is a show called "Dora the Explorer". It is a show with a little Mexican girl who teaches kids all sorts of stuff (including Spanish) through the adventures her and her pet monkey (Boots) have. Becket and Sawyer both love this show. On very bad days in the past I'm sure the wife and I both have let Sawyer watch way to many hours of the show. On the other hand Sawyer knows more Spanish than I do now.

With Dora's help today went very well. When I say "well" I mean everything today was very good except for two events. One was having my boss and another co-worker get into an argument on a conference call. Luckily they were not in the same room or who knows what might have been said/thrown to/at one another. Second event was Sawyer getting sick. I'll give it to my kids if anyone ever kidnapped them it wouldn't take long before they were knocking on our door trying to give them back. Sawyer once coming down with the same cold Alicia has, began to go absolutely nuts. He cried, screamed, kicked, ran in circles, fell off the couch, hit, etc.. until finally Alicia was able to get him settled down. I even took him in the shower thinking that would help but unlike fighting dogs the water had no effect on him.

Well they are both finally in bed after some work and now I get to look forward to watching over the babies tomorrow. Unfortunately for me it is not the crying babies that I have at home but the bitching, whining babies that fill 5 days of ever week from work. It also seems that Alicia is doing better but if tomorrow morning she is not better I'm going to have some better stories about the kids to tell come tomorrow night.

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Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Good job, Daddy! Alicia is a lucky girl. I know my boys love one on one time with hubs, so I'm sure yours had a blast too. Well until the whole going insane part started. Good luck with the next few days. :)