Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lunch Break

So Alicia and the boys came downtown today to have lunch and go shopping with a friend and her boys. Her friend's husband and I work together so it is a nice way to get out of the office and hang out with friends during the middle of the day. We just sat around and ate at the food court but it was a great step away from the bump and grind of work.

Work today was so busy I didn't have time to catch my breath till I stepped out the door to go home. It is amazing how some days you are looking for things to keep you busy and other days you just wished the emails and phone calls would stop.

When I got home and picked up my 6 month old some I realized it was the first time I'd held the kid since I woke up and I'd seen him twice during the day before then. The saddest of all was the fact that I didn't hold him when the family came to see me at work. It is days like today that tell you that you really need a break and need to plan a vacation. So hopefully soon we'll get out fo town and do a real lunch and a real break from the normal day to day.

The good thing although it happens every days is that from the time I get home till the time the boys goto bed they are mine. Mine to play with and feed and whatever else comes along. It's one of those burdens of joy that each parent looks forward. If I didn't have my 3-4 hours of kid time a day I' might just go insane.

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Alicia said...

I'm glad you enjoy your time with them in the evenings. I most definitely enjoy the break.