Thursday, September 13, 2007

Good Music

Each day I sit down at my computer either at home or at work and listen to music. I've got thousands of songs (2k) on my computer(s) although it use to be a much larger collection (60k). Out of all those songs it is funny how you can narrow it down to say 20 songs that you spend 90% of your time listening to. I do not know if everyone does this but I tend to listen to those same 20 songs on repeat for the majority of the day. About once a week though I pick just 1 song and listen to it 20 or so times in one day. The polls have yet to come in on if this qualifies me an mentally instable but there are plenty of other indicators for that. But until the votes come in I'll go back to the random song selections implemented by my wife for the night.

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