Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Spouse Pet Peeves

OMG I'm so ready for this. Please don't fall asleep reading them all. Just kidding Alicia I love you.

1. There are cups and cans everywhere. My wife actually calls her desk the "Can Graveyard".

2. At least a few times a week there are multiple cereal boxes out and open at once. Compounded by the milk being left out/open for hours. I don't mind having 8 boxes of cereal as long as half of them aren't on the counter at any given time.

3. I come home to find lights on everywhere. When I get upstairs to put the boys to bed I see that the bathroom light is on and probably has been since before I got home.

4. There are nursing pads all over the bedroom and bathroom. They stack up and turn into the leaning tower of excess milk.

5. There is very rarely a milk bowl that doesn't sit for at least a few hours. They tend to collect on the kitchen counter, desktop or even on top of my computer which has a large air vent on top. Did I mention that I have milk stains down the front of my nice (once shiny) computer case?

6. Although it does not keep me from eating what is in them when I get home sometimes there are half eaten pots of food on the counter. They stay that way until one of us decides to do the dishes (normally at least 24 hours later)

7. Anytime I can't find the remote it is safe to say that it is either in the office (30 feet and 3 walls away from the TV or in the bathroom. There is also no clear shot from the bathroom to the TV.

8. When I get into my car after Alicia has driven it I tend to find the heat half way on and the air blowing half on my feet and half on my face.

9. I also get into the car to find the radio on and all the way down or completely off. It is only after hitting the volume button 50 or so times that I need to turn it on first.

10. When there are no cups in the cabinet I go to the bedroom to collect them all so they can be washed.

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Alicia said...

1. Guilty as charged. But in my defense, you're just as bad about letting them overflow off the top of the fridge.

2. This is usually Sawyer's fault!

3. I am getting better about this. :P

4. I cleaned all these up too! You try nursing in the middle of the night and see if you care where the old pads get tossed.

5. Again, I am getting better about this! I move them before you get home so you can't whine about it. :P

6. I clean it up if I have time. Don't even get me started on how hard it is to stay on top of things around here sometimes.

7. Not as bad as you tossing it under a blanket or in the couch cracks!

8. Better than ice cold jet streams at my eye balls.

9. As opposed to your level 20 volume on talk radio? Yeah, I'd say mine is the lesser of the two evils!

10. At least I stack them all up nicely for you.