Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Obesity in America

What has this country come to? I'm reading the headlines today at work and I come upon a story about a new doggy drug to stop your pets from being fat. Whatever happened to playing with your dog or cat everday. These days we are getting so lazy that our animals get fat too?

New doggy diet drug to combat pet obesity

I'm not quit sure how we got to this point in this country but I knew when I hit 230 that I needed to start losing weight. I guess it is easy for me to see as I was 165 the day I graduated high school but come on people. The day you start putting your pets on drugs to help reduce their weight is the day you need to give them up because you are to lazy to take care of yourself.


Alicia said...

Just another way for companies to swindle money from people. Like that KOTH episode where Hank is fostering a cat and the vet wants him to spend all kinds of money on expensive treatments. People are suckers and will buy anything if you can sell it well enough.

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