Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Burma and the Mexican Flag

I've been really good about not posting anything political here but there are two headlines floating around this week I wanted to touch on as they aren't as much political as they are current events.

Topic #1 - Thousands of Innocent Protesters Killed In Burma

If you have not heard there were Buddhist monks and other citizens protesting in the streets of Burma this week in a democracy rally. Burma's government is a military backed institution who is very influenced and supported by China. During the protest a few people were killed by the police/military trying to control the protest. As bad as that sounds it is not near as bad as what has happened since. There are reports out that in the middle of the night these monks have been taken into the jungles and been executed. The numbers are in the thousands and they have placed curfews on the citizens so they can have free range at night to do what they please. Sylvester Stallone was taping a Rambo movie on the Burma border and witnessed some of the atrocities a few weeks back. More info about what Stallone saw can be found here.

Topic #2 - Vet cuts down Mexican flag which was being flown over the US flag in Reno

In Reno a business was flying the Mexican flag above the US flag on the same flag pole. As a TV crew was recording an Army Veteran right in front of the camera walks over to the flag pole and cuts the line giving him access to the both flags. He then cuts the string to remove the American flag which he proceeds to leave with. The man walks off with the flag right in front of the stunned store owner. The owner (a Mexican man) goes over and picks up the Mexican flag which is lying on the ground at the base of the flag pole. As he walks back into this store the news crew asks him questions but he keeps walking inside with a very beaten look on his face. I almost feel bad for the guy except for the fact that he was flying another country's flag above the US flag "IN AMERICA". I looked back at the TV website and they now show an article where the ACLU is telling them to retract their statements about it being illegal to fly a flag above the US flag. Gotta love America.

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