Monday, November 5, 2007

Mental Implosion

Anyone ever had what they felt was a mental implosion? I have these multiple times a week and although the implosion is eminent my recovery from them is at times almost immediate.

I often wonder if it is healthy that I have these and that I don't ever work anything out after having them. I've always handled everything myself. I never ever talk about my emotions because I've always been good about handling them in my head. I know the fact that there is never any resolution is bad but I normally work things over in my head so much that it seems like there was a resolution.

Maybe I have less a depression type issue and something more like an anxiety disorder. Who knows but I'm sure I'll work it out in my head later.

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Kelly Brannen said...

this is so strange, I was just kidding around and I said I wonder if it is possible to mentally implode? Then I googled it and this popped up. I do the same thing! I don't feel depressed I feel anxious a lot and over think things until they have worked themselves out in my head. I guess we're both a little crazy :) Does this cause a lot of strange conflict in your life? Do you end up saying strangely over thought out things to people and leave them bewildered and caught off guard? So I guess mental implosion is possible....