Monday, November 5, 2007


Halloween has to be my second favorite holiday other than The 4th of July. I'm leaving out birthdays and anniversary's. My favorite part is getting to wear my soldier stuff to work. On the 29th of October my company informed us that we were having the board of directors in and we wouldn't be able to have our Halloween Costume Contest this year. I email HR back asking if we could do it on another day but I never got a reply. This really pissed me off but at least I got to wear it out with the kids. Sawyer was a Bear and Beckett was a bee. The costumes weren't just cute they actually had some meaning behind them. Beckett's name means "bee keeper" so being a bee was perfect. Sawyer's name means "wood cutter" so maybe not the connection that I was thinking initially. So now I'm already looking forward to next Halloween, or the day I get to enlist whichever comes first. Note: Halloween will come first don't get scared I'm not doing anything rash.

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